Friday, 16 Mar 2012

50 first posts – Melbourne Trip

Once again this is my first post on my millionth blog. It’s a new year, I’m about to reach a milestone and what are people’s natural reaction? I have to go get healthy, make my life more fulfilling or do something drastic like move to a completely new country or buy a Mercedes. Well for me, I have a very fulfilling life thanks to my wonderful wife however every year I have an urge to start blogging like the rest of people I know. What generally happens is that I will start with one blog post and then life takes over and fast forward a year, I want to blog again and I start a new blog thinking that it would be weird to post a new post on an old blog. When I say life takes over it means I keep getting lazy, thinking what a big task it is to blog, people will find it boring, noone reads it anyways, add a couple more million excuses. Plus, it seems much more common and much easier nowadays to post a Tweet, facebook status, Instagram or of late, Pinterest. And also it seems to attract a bigger audience since it’s a short post asking for just a short reply which is what we all really want in the end anyways, attention.

So I sat down this year with an urge to blog again, but this time, I thought, what will make things easier for me to blog so I’ll continue at a steady rate. And I look at my collection of billions of photos I’ve taken over the year and I think, why not combine the two into a plog? (photo blog, it’s going to be a thing I tell you). So I went on my domain, after a week of customising and coding, voila! This will most probably be the longest and biggest post just to kick things off. The subsequent ones will be less text and more photos which is the point. Just a few select photos from a collection to show a glimpse of my life and my amateur photography “skills” ;p

So we start this blog with photos from the weekend I just had past where my wife and I went down to Melbourne for a quick getaway.

So first up is Cafe No.5 where is located on the small lanes of Melbourne for some good coffee. I love that they randomly have a penguin up top. We actually realised there was also a leopard perched on top behind us as we left.

Cod marinated in miso sauce was exquisite, hard to take photos in there, had to go ISO 1,600 to get any sort of light.

Madame Brussels for some alcoholic punch for singles (for two, think tennis)

Italian at Lygon Street

Dessert at Lygon street is to die for

Some fireworks and night view from the annual Moomba festival

As part of the food and wine festival of Melbourne, Joost has built a eco-friendly restaurant. Complete with recyclable urine!

Whilst waiting outside the restaurant Chin Chin, my wife and I found a lovely wall for photographic inspiration

Then lunch at Chin Chin was…mediocre…at best. With their coconut, watermelon punch. Wagyu Pad Se Ew, Chilli Deep Fried Barramundi Salad and Peanut Massaman Beef.

And that ends my first post, hopefully I’ll pick up my camera to take more photos and thereby make more posts! Keep…errr…posted!

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  1. alison
    Posted March 16, 2012 at 3:18 pm | #

    Hey hubbie!!
    Can I say a BIG CoNgRatulations!!! It looks fantastic – and the pix are gorgeous! Brings a smile to my face thinking of the weekend which feels so far away now.
    Luv ya

  2. Posted March 23, 2012 at 7:13 pm | #

    A better magazine theme would make the blog nicer.:)

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