Monday, 26 Mar 2012

Lilu & Dixon’s Wedding

‘Tis the season of weddings and it’s been a while since I’ve brought my camera to a wedding because I wanted to finally experience a wedding without looking at it through a lense. And although I have to say I really enjoyed weddings without a camera, I was sad about not being able to look back and see if I took at least one good shot. So off I went this time with my camera and I ended up with a sore arm…oh and these photos. Overall a great wedding and I’m really glad I took my camera along.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!


View from the crowd

Sweet moments after “I Do”.

Guests with pretty umbrellas

Beautiful flower work for the bridal table

Another well done cake

People having fun with the photobooth

Dixon about to surprise her with a song

Lilu touched by serenade

First Dance of the couple

And there concludes my second entry, yay! As always, below is a small subset of pics from the set.


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